Queen Emyrelia


Queen Emyrelia Trystan took the throne at a young age, following her parent’s passing, both whom fell to a horrible wasting illness when she was only 7. Though her rule was under the regency of her uncle Dorgon, 5 years later Dorgon died in a failed attempt a coup to take the throne in full by force.

At the age of 12, having just defended her throne against a hostile coup spearheaded by her uncle, Emyrelia refused to allow another regent to rule in her name, and with several trusted court allies began her rule in both name and deed.

Queen Emyrelia is known as an open minded and kind ruler, she had devoted significant time to advanced studies and mystical and scientific progress, she led and encouraged various social reforms to see people of many races and faiths flourish.

She secured friendship and peace with the Eladrin city-kingdom of Silfa Aethel, the ruler of the Eladrin there gifted the young Queen a Blink Dog pup as a token of their good will and friendship.

At the begining of the game, Queen Emyrelia Trystan is 19 years old and has been ruling the Kingdom of Odess in her own name for 7 years.

Art Credit: david-dennis

Queen Emyrelia

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