Common Drugs


Reaper is a powder produced from dried and treated Death Rattle mushrooms, ground into a powder. It provides a high energy, perception sharpening high, but makes the imbiber a bit on the fidgety and twitchy side.

The drug is usually inhaled or snorted, but also can be taken orally (but tastes awful and few do so), it can also be applied directly to an open wound to enter the blood stream, many warriors do this as a ritual.

Reaper has a reputation as a battle drug, and is popular among bandits and mercenaries.

Bronze Dream

Bronze Dream is a recreational hallucinogen, it instills in its imbibers a feeling of relaxed lethargy while stimulating pleasurable feelings in the mind and sharing pleasant minor hallucinations. While under the affects of Bronze Dream the imbiber sees the world in a bronze colored and bright filter.

rare but occasionally Bronze Dream can cause a “bad trip” trapping the imbiber in Nightmarish visions.

Grave Dust


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