The Worship of Kalmaer

Kalmaer is a Demigod worshipped as a God by the people of Kedas, a God of knowledge and artistry, he is the patron God of scholars and musicians, of painters and poets, many magic users see in him the same thirst for knowledge that they possess, and even some soldiers that more heavily weigh the tactical aspects of war identify more with Kalmaer then to one of the more martial gods.

Kaelmar is depicted most commonly as a stocky dwarf, dark of skin, hair and eye. He is most often seen in scholarly robes and holding either a quill and scroll, or some sort of artists implement.

The Church of Kalmaer is often the sponsor of universities and libraries within cities, and in many places these buildings and the churches and cathedrals are one in the same, any may come in the pursuit of knowledge, the church also maintains several, often secret, enclaves of restricted knowledge.

Kalmaeran priests, often called Pilgrims and Scribes, come from all walks of life, and study diligently in one of the many Seminaries of Knowledge dotted throughout Kedas, once graduated, those that wish can join the Kalmaeran Order, and either become a Scribe where they maintain a sedentary lifestyle within a specific township, city or region, where they mostly act in a capacity of studying, cataloging and preserving knowledge, or if one’s preference lent more to wanderlust, they may opt to join the Pilgrims; Pilgrims travel endlessly in search of new knowledge and experience, of course keeping immaculate notes, which are then dropped off at the next Kalmaeran church for cataloging, indexing and further study and research.

Kalmaer’s symbol is most widely known as an open eye within a scroll, but an open eye within a harp is also commonly used, specifically by the Bard’s and Pilgrims that tap into his more artistic avatar.
The Commandments of Kalmaer

  • Uncover and preserve knowledge in all its forms, from lost histories and lore to an ancient hymn or song.
  • Defend and Protect those whom would suffer by those who would use knowledge to control and destroy.
  • Pursue education and excellence and enlighten those who seek to learn.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Domains: Knowledge, Arcana
    Holidays and Festivals:
    Close Ties: Kalmaer is married to Gan Udash the forge goddess, and as scribe of the Kedasian Pantheon has at least a passing connections with most of the other gods. Also Jaryae and Kalmaer are both gods that dabble in the realms of music and artistry.


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