The Kingdom of Odess is one of several larger nations that together make up the world of Kedas.

Odess began as a primarily human kingdom and its royal line has always been human, but the human’s of Odess very quickly embraced the trade and culture of the various races of which they share their world, and more than any other, Odess is a vast melting pot of races and cultures.

There are 3 large Cities and the Kingdom’s Capital

The Capital City of Glasswyn (over 20,900 inhabitants)
The Large City of Highbarrow (around 9,000 inhabitants)
The Large City of Wyldmeadow (around 9,000 inhabitants)
The Coastal Bastion City of Ironshore (around 9,000 inhabitants)

East of Highbarrow, and near and within the Keishara Woods on the only non mountainous border between Odess and Cathia is the Everglade

There are 12 Towns with nearly 5,000 inhabitants each
and there are some 1865 villages with around 500 people each

The Village of Rochdale is about as far west as you can go while remaining in “civilized Odess” beyond that are small villages and wilderness colonies.

Another 20,000 residents of Odess live in uncountable small hamlets or isolated homesteads.

22 Castles currently stand on Odessan land, 19 of which are still in operable use.


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