The Worship of Savras

Savras is a demigod worshipped as the god of Death and Fate on Kedas.

Savras appears most commonly as a halfling, well dressed in a shades of black and gray, with a sardonic smile, he is often depicted flipping his beaten copper coin.

The symbol of Savras almost without variation is a skull with a platinum coin over one eye and a copper coin over the other, symbolizing that no matter how rich or powerful you might be, and no matter how poor or needy you may be, all is equal in the eyes of death.

The Church of Savras is comparatively small, though few embrace the symbology death with such reverence as to join the clergy, many faithful place Savras in the forefront of their pantheon as a patron deity, commonly assassins and others who deal regularly in death and the dying. Thieves, especially thieves with poor upbringing, find comfort in his non-difference to the rich and powerful.

Most of the Clergy of Savras come in the form of either Soothsayers and Oracles who seek to glimpse into the future of an individual, for a healthy donation to the Church, of course. Such Oracles are also often sought to ensure that an individual who has died is allowed resurrection, to ensure that the fates have no yet called them on their final end.

The other Clergy of Savras tend to be Morticians, serving to bury, entomb and lay to rest the dead.

The third, and most secretive branch of the Church of Savras is the Order of the Final End, though no one refers to themselves as such where anyone else can hear, instead they are broken up across the world hidden under the guise of various unconnected groups of assassins, mercenaries and murderers for hire. No one has been able to tie these groups to the church as a whole, and it is one of the best kept secrets on Kedas. They deliver swift and final deaths to any whom the church directs, by divine mandate.



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