The Worship of Vayr

Vayr is a Demigod worshipped as a God by the people of Kedas, The High Cleric of Vayr is an influential individual within Odess, having assisted the Queen in defending her throne at a young age. The Cathedral of the Sun is a prominent building in Glasswyn, and in most large cities across Kedas due to its importance in providing care and treatment to the wounded and sick of the world.

Vayr is often depicted as an aging soldier, dark hair with graying at his temples and streaks of gray in his short cropped beard. He appears, in times of war, in plate armor of shining silver and gold, a sun emblazoned on his shield and a morningstar made of pure fire and sunlight. His eyes are said to glow with the power of the sun and reveal corruption and evil wherever they shine. In times of peace and healing, he appear in soft white robes with the golden sun glowing upon the chest, he is often depicted in this way, with a sheaf of glowing golden wheat in one hand.

For many of the common folk, Vayr is a household name and a reality of their life, farmers thank Vayr for the sunlight he provides that help the crops grow strong, both farmers and cityfolk see, and on occassion must be attended by the Initiates of Life that see to their healing and care of the sick, soldiers and guards revere him for his martial qualities and his desire to root out evil and corruption, to destroy the undead and to protect the weak. Vayr is perhaps the most worshipped God upon all of Kedas for the realities of his domain and the people that they affect.

Vayr has many symbols that can be and are often associated with him, most of the time they vary based on which of his avatars are being invoked, the grainbringer is mostly associated by the symbol of a golden sheaf of wheat, while the martial lord who strikes down the undead and protects the weak is often depicted by his sun-topped morning star, and the healer, of which he is most often associated, is depicted of the sun itself and nothing more. Though all 3, and various iterations thereof, see alot of use, the simple golden sun is the most commonly seen and associate sign of Vayr.

The Church of Vayr often has three distinct orders within them: The Initiates of Life are the most prevalent, making up of nearly 50% of those that work within the Church, The Initiates of the Harvest are the next most prevelent making up around 35-40% of the overall clergy within the church, and the smallest are the Crusaders of the Sun, standing Crusaders make up only around 10-15% of the Church of Vayr, but most of the other clergy has served and trained with the Crusaders, and everyone within the Church is available to be conscripted into the Crusaders should a bleak time of turmoil or war require a more active military under Vayr’s banner.
Commandments of Vayr

  • Nurture those in need just as the Sunfather’s light nurtures us all.
  • Scour places of darkness and undeath in the light of the Sunfather.
  • Be vigilant against tyranny and evil in all its forms.
    Epithet: The Sun Father, The Light Bringer, The Lord of the Harvest
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Domains: Life, Light, Protection
    Holidays and Festivals:
    Close Ties: Vayr maintains a close relationship with Jaryae due to her aspects as the Goddess of Transition as connects the changing of the seasons, to Savras due to his aspects as God of Death and Vayr’s sworn oath againts undead and necromancy, and to a lesser degree Anwyn and Myriath due to their aspects as deities of nature and weather.


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