Glasswyn is a large melting pot of races and cultures, setting an example for the rest of Odess in its diversity.

The little maelstrom is an unofficial district of Glasswyn, a few neighborhoods that have been settled by the close knit tribes of Genasi and have begun to be remade in the beautiful, colorful and often conflicting styles of the various Genasi tribes and bloodlines.

As you walk through the little maelstrom, music plays, displays, murals and architectural art spread around you and dot the district leaving no end to the wonder and delight of many new to the city.

Along the eastern edge of Glasswyn the city becomes more sparsely developed as it edges towards the forest beyond it’s boundaries. This is a section of the city populated by races and people that feel more at home in nature than in an urban environment. Many Elves, Tabaxi, Druids, Rangers and countless more prefer to live around the comfort and serenity of the Grove of Melora.

The Meloran Guard offer their services as both guards and peacekeepers, as Grove of Melora offers a unique environmental diversity that is hard to protect conventionally.

This District is a district of Artisans and Metal Workers, it features a prominent dwarven design to many of its buildings, and a large percentage of those that live here are dwarves and halflings. mostly living underground in the series of tunnels and rooms that make up almost its own town beneath the district.


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